Klander Computer

Bellingham, Washington 98225

In business to help people with their personal computers:

Personal computer service, setup, troubleshooting and repair, Windows 10 and Windows 11 setup, tune-up, troubleshooting, spyware removal, data retrieval and backup. System upgrades, processors, memory, hard drives, power supplies, video cards.

$30/hr house calls

This website has download links to various anti-virus, anti-spyware, security suites, firewall software along with many other links and software downloads. It also has links to help you stay protected online. These days with all the security threats online computer users must be proactive to stay secure. I encourage all users to read up on security threats and make sure you have an anti-virus or security suite software installed, make sure it is updating properly and make sure windows is updating properly. Also get to know your security software and windows alerts so you can tell them from bogus software / malware that tries to get you to purchase bogus software to fix the problems it has created.

All work is guaranteed to show results

Michael Klander
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Klander Computer, in Business since 2003